Welcome to our "other kid"!  During a Mom's night out (over maybe a few too many glasses of wine), we came up with the idea of an online kids consignment store where it is super easy for parents to shop, and also how we could make it as simple as possible to consign all of the amazing pieces we have all bought for our kids. 

As two mom's with young kids, we know that shopping with your littles in tow can be a daunting and exhausting task.  We have created 'WASHED + WORN' to make shopping fun again! 

We get it, kids clothes are addictive – they are like small versions of your favorite pieces, or something that you wish your parents would have bought for you when you were small.  The catch is, it can get expensive to keep your kids looking so cute! That is where we come in…we want to take your mid-high end kids clothes, shoes & accessories that have been “washed + worn” (or maybe neither!) and help you make money to buy more great stuff to keep your littles looking stylish.

At WASHED + WORN we are making it as easy as possible to fit into your busy life:
+ free local YYC pickup for your items you want to consign
+ we take all seasons of clothing year-round
+ we keep track of when your item’s consignment term is up
+ e-transfer or cheque payout 

 No more searching through rack upon rack at a store while trying to keep track of your kids, we will pick out the best pieces and you can shop when and where is best for you – perhaps in your pj’s with a glass of wine in hand, then we will mail your purchases straight to your door…. and we will be hosting pop-up shops all over Calgary and surrounding areas! 



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