January 18 Pickup Appointment


* Booking time appears as a 15 min time slot due to booking system restrictions. Please leave items out from 9AM-9PM on the scheduled pickup day*

40% cash payout or 50% store credit
Items will be listed on our website for minimum 120 days
Cash payout is only done at the end of the consignment period

25% cash payout or 35% store credit
Items will be purchased outright by W+W within one week of pickup, at which time you will receive your payout or store credit


Please ensure to read the Terms + Conditions of Consignment before booking as they might have updated since your last consignment + provide options for your items.

You will receive an email after we confirm your appointment on our backend with details about where to find Guidelines for getting your items ready + pickup slips to attach to your bags. 

You MUST respond to the reminder email you will get the day before in order to confirm your items will be ready for pickup. No response = no pickup.

We are making some changes that supersede the existing Guidelines and Terms + Conditions of Consignment:

#1. All items MUST be freshly laundered (within one week of pickup).

#2. No playwear items.  Items must be in Very good to New with Tags condition (light wear, no stains, holes, etc). This is to help with speeding up our intake process + allow us to offer consignment pickups to more people.

Thank you for your understanding with these changes that have been put in place with our families, consigners + customers as priority! 

Rating Description
New with tag never washed + worn with retail tag(s) still on
Like new looks like it has never been washed + worn
Excellent rarely washed + worn 
Very good washed + worn but well taken care of with no flaws
Playwear washed + worn with flaws or wear